In 2017, my neighbour Kevin convinced me to try mountain biking. I did, and it stuck.


I bought a Vitus Sentier 29 VR back in 2017. In 2019, my neighbour Kev gave me his old Salsa Mukluk for some time. In 2020, I replaced the Vitus' XL frame with a size M Pole Taival, so my daughter can ride, too. And I built a fatbike myself, based on a Pole Taiga frame.


I am new to Mountainbiking. My main fear is that I would lose traction while going down. I guess it is about not feeling quite in control.

As a result, I have always looked for tyres that are grippy. This led to ridiculous experiments, like riding a Maxxis Shorty front and back. I do not recommend that.

I have listed the tyres that I have tried on a separate page.


Most of my favourite trails are on the Blauen, a local hill south of here.

The Blauen as seen from Oberwil

A good ride would be up to the Blauen Ridge Trail, down the Blauen Magic Trail, back up, and down an easier, faster trail down the North side, Down towards Fürstenstein.

I also like going up and back down the Gempen, east of here. Here is an example on Strava. Every now and again, I like clattering down the Endless Trail Sissach.

France has some good trails to offer, too, such as the short, techie St-brice trail tech part, or the longer, fast Medium funny Single Bettlach St. Brice.
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